May 2022

Mali Zagreb: A City within the City

When you stumble upon miniatures of famous buildings and workshops while walking in the streets, squares and parks of Zagreb, remember it is a city within a city opening in front oy your eyes, or the project Mali Zagreb.

Dear friends and business partners!

Spring weather but also numerous events have led to an increase in the number of visitors in Zagreb. This is proven by statistical data but also, in a nicer and more vivid manner, numerous encounters in streets and squares of Zagreb. Visitors are recognised by the various languages they speak, curious sight-seeing of city’s attractions and pleasant easiness.


Greencajt festival: Let’s Choose Green!

A two-day conference entitled Greencajt will provide answers to many ecological challenges of our times and suggest further steps for the future.


Inmusic Festival #15: Well - Established World Stars and Bands Whose Time Is Coming

The jubilee edition of the INmusic festival, which was listed as one of the greatest festivals in the world, will attract well-established musicians and their fans from around the world but also bands whose time is coming.


56th Floraart: Zagreb Marked by Flowers

This year once again Floraart, the international garden exhibition with more than a half a century long tradition, will gather all those who enjoy beauty and scent of flowers and floral arrangements of major Croatian and foreign florists.


Jarun Lake: Invitation for Electronic Music Fans

In June Jarun Lake in Zagreb will be the site of as many as two festivals of electronic music: Let the Music Be Free and We Love Sound.

Echoes of WRC Croatia Rally: See You Next Year!
Animafest Zagreb: Marked by an Important Jubilee
Zagreb Beer Fest: Good Music and Atmosphere Guaranteed
Air Transport: The Return of Air Carriers
Born in Zagreb: A Picture Book as a Travelogue, a Diary and a Photo Album

Celebrating the Notes of Summer: A Guide to the Zagreb Music Scene

The sun is out, and all the music concerts & festivals we've been waiting for are here! This blogpost brings you all the exciting events to attend around the city, if you want to get your groove on.

Zagreb Book Buzz

Debates, social influence, and creative forces of Croatian writers, who started gathering in Zagreb cafes and bars in the 1800s, are still buzzing through the streets of the city.


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