March 2010.  

Dear friends and business partners!
With ever more fairs and expositions, as well as the arrival of spring, the Croatian capital will continue to attract increasing numbers of guests – business travellers as well as tourists. All visitors to Zagreb will now be able to obtain information about the city, accommodation tips, and event schedules at the Zagreb airport, the main city square and, seasonally, at the central train station.
The Rhythm of Ancient Japan
Yamato Drummers at Dom Sportova Sports Hall
As part of their world tour, the Japanese Yamato drummers will hold a concert on March 19th at Zagreb’s Dom Sportova. For seventeen years this act has been attracting and entertaining millions of fans across the globe with their energetic performances and dominating two-meter drum.
The Revue of Amateur Film
Have you had enough of high budget films with expensive special effects and a clichéd, formulaic Hollywood plot? Once again, Zagreb will offer something different – the 9th Revue of Amateur Film, the popular RAF, which will take place between the 21st and the 27th of March, featuring more than 200 films.
our pick
: The Modern Gallery - An exciting look at an iconography of the city
: The 6th ZagrebDox - A Festival of Documentary Film
: Music - Deep Purple Arrives in June
: The Culture Factory - A Diverse Concert Programme for March
: Faculty of Science - A Night of Biology
: An International Day of Tour Guides - The Story of Zagreb in 17 Languages
: Rockmark, now Open - The first music-specific bookstore and reading room in Croatia
: The Croatian School Museum - Teachers in Croatia 1849-2009
: The Klovićevi Dvori Gallery - The Latest Works by Boris Bućan
Tel: +385 1 48-14-052 / 053
The Passion Heritage, 2010
Cultural festival related to Easter
Between March 20th and March 31st, a multicultural festival, the Passion Heritage, will take place in numerous locations across the city. Organized for ten years now, this event will feature an abundance of cultural and artistic programs related to Easter.
High Class Relocation
Expatriate Assistance Agency
A specialized agency, High Class Relocation, helps foreigners who come to live and work in Zagreb with various important aspects of life in a new country. For instance: locating suitable accommodation, having a work permit issued, finding an adequate physician, or even completing the simplest of everyday chores.

The Zagreb Tourist Board
A new tourist-information centre at Pleso Airport
In addition to the tourist-information centre that has existed for years now at the main city square, the Zagreb Tourist Board has recently opened a new tourist-information centre at Pleso Airport, where specially trained informers offer their services in several languages.

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