March 2007  

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It is not easy to say which season of the year brings out the best in a city and shows it in the most beautiful light especially because each season has its own good points. Apart from the individual preference of the beholder, this also depends on the city itself.
Japan Airlines
Direct Connections with Croatia
As of August of this year, the Japanese airline (JAL) will establish a charter connection between one of the Tokyo airports - Narita and Zagreb. For the first time in history, Japan and Croatia will be directly connected by air. Eventually, Dubrovnik will also be included.
400 years of the National University Library
One of the oldest and most significant Croatian cultural institutions, the National University Library, "celebrated" its 400 years of existence at the end of February, and this important jubilee will be marked throughout the year via presentations of the most important works of Croatian literature.
our pick
: Anniversaries - A Hundred Years of the Museum of the City of Zagreb and the City Library
: Lilliput Ceramics - The Destination of Modern Ceramics
: European Association of Piano Teachers - Gabrijela Krmpotić wins the 2007 award
: Croatian History Museum - I Gave Gold for Iron
: Flora and Fauna of Maksimir Park - Natural Paradise in the Heart of a City
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Oscar Winner
Vukotić's Film Year
A retrospective of films by Dušan Vukotić, which will be shown in cinemas across Croatia, marks the 80th year since the birth of the great Croatian director, whose 1961 film "Surogat" was the first non-American, animated film to win an Oscar.
Indians Promote Croatia
Tourists from India are common visitors to Europe and rank among the best spenders, but many of them are already well acquainted with the countries of the European Union and wish to experience new destinations such as Croatia, which is now being promoted by a leading Indian travel agency, SOCT.

Daily Mirror
Zagreb is very chic!
In a recently published three-page article in The Daily Mirror, a renowned British daily, a reporter compares Zagreb to Vienna, and calls it a hit tourist destination, not to be missed by any means.

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