September 2010  

Dear citizens and guests of Zagreb!
After the summer heat and a pleasant holiday, we are slowly returning to our regular family and work commitments. It is not easy to switch from a relaxed atmosphere to the working rhythm of everyday life, but the cultural and tourist programmes will certainly help to make this adjustment easier. September in Zagreb offers a great selection of entertainment, including cultural and sporting events, as well as specialized fairs.

Dear guests!
Judging by the number of visitors in Zagreb, and the mixture of languages that can be heard on its streets, our city has undoubtedly become an increasingly popular city break destination! In September, numerous business guests are usually among those who would like to get to know Zagreb and enjoy its culture, explore entertainment possibilities, or attend sports events.
The Student Centre
“25 FPS – International Festival of Experimental Film and Video”
This year’s “25 FPS – International Festival of Experimental Film and Video” once again offers an attractive programme that will feature the best films from all over the world, as well as an array of other concurrent events.
Rujanfest (Septemberfest) 2010
A music and entertainment event at Bundek Lake
For the third year in a row, between the 16th and the 26th of September, Bundek Lake will be the venue for the large music and entertainment event, Rujanfest (Septemberfest). Aside from numerous attractions, there will also be a diverse culinary selection, which will certainly appeal to the hundreds of thousands of expected visitors.
our pick
: City sightseeing - Original, imaginative, interesting…
: The Technical Museum - On the wings of a large butterfly: Neptis lucilla
: The city through the lens of a camera - The third Photo Marathon coming soon
: Bundek - A large exhibition of undersea photographs from the Croatian Adriatic
: The 3rd Zagrebi! Festival - German D.A.F. at club Močvara
: Young Choreographers Platform 2010 - Young talents of contemporary dance
: The 6th Susedgrad autumn - Folk customs of Susedgrad at the main city square
: The Zagreb International Festival of Chamber Music - First rate pieces performed by first rate musicians

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Arena Zagreb
Cirque du Soleil Arrives in November
The renowned circus troupe, Cirque du Soleil, which has entertained worldwide audiences, will perform a total of five shows at the Zagreb Arena between the 17th and the 21st of November. Judging by current announcements, these shows will certainly attract large numbers of spectators to Zagreb’s Arena.
The 86th Zagreb International Autumn Fair
Seven fairs in one
Between the 22nd and the 26th of September, as part of the 86th Zagreb International Autumn Fair, the oldest and best-known fair in the city, there will be as many as seven thematically different exhibitions: energy fair, construction fair, consumer goods fair, Days of Fashion, the fair of music and multimedia, collective exhibitions of foreign countries, and for the first time, the Fair of alternative lifestyle, healthy living and borderline areas of science.

When the Knights Rule
Medieval Days on Mt. Medvednica
In the last weekend of September, Zagreb’s Medvednica mountain will once again be the venue for an attractive cultural and historical tourist event: “Medieval Days on Medvednica.” Visitors are not only spectators but also active participants and this unique event provides an opportunity to truly experience the spirit of pre-Renaissance times, including chivalry and silver coin making, for the fifth consecutive year…

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