November 2010  

Dear citizens and guests of Zagreb!
In November and December, with the Christmas spirit in the air, Zagreb does not hibernate; on the contrary, the city becomes even more dynamic. These are the months in which we take stock of our successes and bring all of the year’s projects to an end. Regardless of the recession, which has not been kind to anyone, we have managed to preserve our urban and communal standards, so tourists from Croatia and abroad gladly visit our city, even in the winter months.

Dear guests!
Each season has its charm, but the final months of the year are particularly notable. Numerous interesting events, including performances by popular international stars, will mark the beginning of an always-interesting and dynamic month of November.
The Klovićevi Dvori Gallery
Ancient Greeks on Croatian soil
Until December 12th, visitors of the Klovićevi Dvori Gallery can view a representative exhibition: “Ancient Greeks on Croatian soil”. This exhibition consists of the rich heritage from one of the most advanced civilizations in human history, which had a great influence on the language, politics, education, culture and architecture of modern times.
Film festival
The 5th One Take Film Festival
This year’s One Take Film Festival will be held between the 18th and the 20th of November; it will be the Festival’s Fifth Edition. Apart from the main programme, film aficionados can expect an array of concurrent happenings that will complement this unique film event.
our pick
: Concert - Eric Sardinas at the Boogaloo club
: The Museum of Contemporary Art - Murtić Donation exhibition
: Looking forward to the holidays - Winter at Kvatrić
: The Aristos Hotel Zagreb - Attractive programmes at affordable rates
: The Regent Esplanade Zagreb - Investigate a murder on the Orient Express!
: The Zagreb Tourist Board - A new image brochure of Mirogoj
: The Vatroslav Lisinski Concert Hall - A holiday atmosphere with the “Angels in Harlem” Gospel Choir
: The Zagreb Philharmonic Orchestra - Top class concerts for the 140th anniversary

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The Zagreb Tourist Board
“Zagreb, Zagreb” – the best national tourism film
At the recent 13th International Tourism Film Festival in Solin, the short promotional film by the Zagreb tourist board, “Zagreb, Zagreb”, directed by Matej Meštrović, was proclaimed the best national tourism film.
Bon Jovi at Maksimir Stadium
The popular band, Bon Jovi, will begin their European tour, “The Circle Tour”, which includes 24 cities, with a concert in Zagreb, at Maksimir stadium, on June 8th.

Hotel Dubrovnik
New attire for the ninth decade
By the end of August next year, the old wing of the Dubrovnik Hotel, located in the main city square, will have been completely renovated. The reconstruction of rooms and other facilities at the hotel, which has entered its 9th decade, will give it a new shine.

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