September 2012  

Dear citizens and guests of Zagreb!
September is a transient time of the year, with the summer heat subsiding slowly as the autumnal season sets in. As the last heat wave heads out of town, Zagreb’s citizens return to it after an enjoyable summer vacation.

Dear friends and business partners,
The colourful foliage adorning Zagreb's numerous parks is not the only sign that the autumn is upon us. The month of September is typically a time when the buzz returns to Zagreb as the citizens of Zagreb come back from vacations and pupils and students get ready to start a new school year.
The International Festival of Puppet Theatre
Are you ready for the 45th PIF?
There are only a few more days before the highly regarded 45th International Festival of Puppet Theatre, Zagreb's PIF, kicks off in Zagreb. The abbreviation stands for the festival’s name in Esperanto - Pupteatra Internatia Festivalo. Between 4th and 9th September, some 15 puppet plays will be performed by artists from all over the world; there will be high-quality puppet workshops as well as a big exhibition “Polish Theatre Puppets”.
The most beautiful chamber music in the most beautiful concert hall
Zagreb Kom 7, or Zagreb's 7th International Chamber Music Festival, is expected to lure many lovers of this music genre to Zagreb between 12th and 20th October. The festival programme includes over 25 concerts and features a line-up of prominent musicians who will perform in one of the most beautiful concert halls in Europe – the concert hall of the Croatian Music Institute.
our pick
: Tvornica Kulture - The Dubliners Come Back to Zagreb!
: Dražen Petrović Basketball Centre - Credo Musical – A Big Religious Spectacle
: World Cat Show at Zagreb Arena - The biggest feline event in 2012!
: Three Topics from the Mimara Museum Holdings - A Unique Gift for the 25th Anniversary
: ZeGeVeGe - A festival of sustainable living
: A Croatian Comeback - GusGus at Aquarius
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A Musical Treat
The Duke Ellington Orchestra at Lisinski Concert Hall
Even before the tickets went on sale, the mere announcement that the Duke Ellington Orchestra was coming to Zagreb caused quite a stir among those who would come to the Lisinski Concert Hall on 4th October and enjoy some of the biggest hits by one of the greatest jazz composers of all time.
Klovićevi Dvori Gallery
Robert Wilson's Video Portraits
Video portraits of assorted American movie stars and artists, such as Brad Pitt, Sean Penn, Ditta Von Teese and many other famous attention grabbers, will certainly motivate many to come to the Klovićevi Dvori Gallery where a multimedia exhibition by Robert Wilson will take place between 8th October and 11th November under the title – HD Video Portraits.

Street Water Pumps Undergo Makeover
The most fun sources of drinking water in the world!
This is as original as it gets! Zagreb is the only city in the world in which the city’s old street water pumps have had a total makeover. They now boast colourful appearances, mostly depicting motifs from Zagreb, while they continue to serve not only as sources of drinking water but as veritable alfresco art exhibits. When in Zagreb try to find at least one, or better still, find them all with the help of a mobile phone application, and then pick your most fun public source of drinking water!

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