November 2020

Beyond the Boundaries: Art Outside Museums

Beyond the Boundaries is a project which takes art outside museums and represents it to passers-by, awarding people and the city at the same time but also creating new and attractive forms of artistic expression that inspire and bring back optimism.

Dear citizens and visitors of Zagreb!

Even though current epidemiological situation is not favourable and we are facing many challenges, we can still do something to improve our living conditions. We have prepared some events for you to enjoy, in line with new rules and precautions. Some of them can be attended from the comfort of your home.


Dear friends and business partners!

Zagreb brings new activities, projects and forms of communication in these challenging times which shape our present life.


Zagreb Film Festival: Coming of Age Marked by an Eventful Programme

The 18th edition of Zagreb Film Festival is marked by interesting films. The coming of age of the festival will be completely virtual. However, the eventful film programme is the same and remains attractive to all movie lovers.


12th Theatre Night: A Strong Connection Between Audience and Artists

The 12th Theatre Night, which will take place on the third Saturday in November, will once again confirm the strong connection of citizens of Zagreb with the stage, which under these special circumstances during past several months remained faithful to its spectators and gave them optimism.


12th Zagreb Jazz Festival: In the Rhythm of Excellent Jazz

In the second half of November Zagreb will host some excellent jazz concerts for the twelfth time. Despite peculiar global circumstances, the organisers ensured the performance of famous artists of the international jazz scene.


MiniPolis: a Place Where the Young become Adults

Zagreb is a pleasant and safe city for children. It has lots of parks and interesting activities among which, as of recently, is the interactive children’s city MiniPolis.

Travelling Through Past: Herman Bollé, a Man Who Defined the Appearance of Zagreb
The First in the World: Hisstory, the App Which Takes You around Zagreb as It Once Was
The Museum of Contemporary Art: Disaster of the Unseen, Exhibition of Paintings by Radenko Milak

How about Some Truffles from around Zagreb?

Zagreb has been known for a number of things, but truffles are definitely not one of them. Yet, surprisingly enough, this might change in future.

A.G. Matoš – A Poet, Modernist And Beloved Zagrebian

"Considered to be the champion of Croatian modernist literature, one of the greatest merits attributed to Matoš is opening up Croatian literature to modern European literature and the currents of his time."


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